OneValley Discussion Questions

Why we share Discussion Questions

We believe that the traditional interview is broken. We’ve all had that moment where someone has asked us to ‘Give an example of a time when..’ and have blurted out the first thing that came to mind, only to think of half a dozen better examples the minute we stepped out of the interview. 

The reality is that peppering a candidate with a list of surprise questions biases toward on-the-spot performers. But the role you’re applying for may not even need that skill set. So we have a public list of standard discussion questions we like to cover here, so you can consider them in advance. 

We may not ask them all, and we may ask other questions not listed depending on how our conversation goes. But ahead of our first meeting, we want you to have the chance to reflect on your experiences and be able to put your best foot forward. 

Initial Discussion Questions

Interest in the role
  • Why do you want to work with OneValley?
  • What appeals to you about the role?
  • How familiar are you with OneValley and what we do?
Growth and Development 
  • What are some areas in which you want to grow and improve in your next role?
  • How would this position help move you towards your goals?

  • What type of manager style works best for you?
  • What in your mind makes an organization a great place to work?
  • [If you are a manager] How would you describe the culture on the teams that you’ve worked on, and how have you contributed to building that culture?

  • Could you give me an overview of your related experience for this role?
  • What skills have you built in your previous roles that would make you an asset to our team?

Startup fit 
  • Is it better to be great and late, or good and on time? Why?
  • What makes you want to work at a startup as opposed to a larger organization?

People Ops Discussion Questions

  • We'd love to hear in your own words, in about 1 minute or so, the story of your career journey so far.
  • When you first saw this role, what was it that appealed to you about the role, and about OneValley? 
  • What is one of your proudest professional accomplishments so far?
  • How would you like to grow and develop in your next role?
  • Can you give me a brief example of a time when you had to work outside the scope of your typical duties?
  • How do you think a colleague or manager who knows you well would describe you in 3 or 4 key words? Why?
  • How would you describe your approach to giving critical feedback?
  • During your application, you said that you identify most with our value X. We’d love to learn more about why that is? Were there others that you were torn between?
  • Is there anything else you would like to share or wish we had asked about?
  • We want to open up to questions you might have about the role, the published salary range and benefits, or about OneValley and our culture. What would you like to know?